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2023-2024 College Catalog 
2023-2024 College Catalog

General Education Requirements

All degree programs at Sussex require the student to complete a certain number of general education courses in addition to specific courses that comprise the student’s major program of study. Among other things, general education courses provide college graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to communicate well, use technology, understand scientific developments and function effectively as members of an educated society.

In New Jersey, all community colleges require students to complete a variety of general education courses in the categories listed below. Each degree program at Sussex is carefully designed to include the appropriate number and type of general education courses and. It is important for the student and the advisor to adhere closely to the prescribed curriculum so that all of the general education requirements are met by the time of graduation. Specific courses that can be used to meet general education requirements in each category are listed on the following pages. Questions about general education requirements should be directed to the student’s academic advisor.

Foundation Courses

Sussex County Community College requires the following courses to be taken at key points in a student’s two-year College experience:

Foundations for Success is a three-credit course designed specifically for incoming Sussex Freshmen. All students are required to take this course within their first or second semester. Foundations for Success is part of a comprehensive program that initiates students into the rigor of college academics and the responsibility of college student life. Instructors are trained to facilitate topics that have proven to be vital to entering college students. The course provides an introduction into the intellectual, social and emotional transition of going from high school to college, or from the workforce into college life.

This is a student-centered course covering numerous strategies to encourage students to become active and empowered learners and to make the most of their college experience. Students will obtain information about college life and develop strategies and techniques to enhance success in their academic, personal and professional lives. The course is infused with opportunities to understand, practice and implement critical thinking. Students will also gain practical information to help prepare to transfer to a four-year university or enter the workforce directly. National research demonstrates that there is a positive correlation between participation in a first-year seminar course and higher graduation rates, higher grade point averages and engagement in campus life. Topics covered are transitioning to college, careering, time management, college information/technology resources, financial management, wellness, academic planning, diversity, campus/community involvement, transferring to a four-year college, etc.

The Capstone courses are designed specifically for sophomores with 45 credits or more who are approaching graduation. The Capstone program offers students the opportunity to work with a Sussex professor to prepare for transfer to a four-year school or to enter the workforce and find a position in their chosen field. There are seven different, one credit, Capstone courses for students to choose from, depending on their declared major:

  • College Capstone for Liberal Arts
  • College Capstone for Business, Science and Technology
  • College Capstone for Criminal Justice
  • College Capstone for Film Study
  • College Capstone for Computer Science and Information Systems
  • College Capstone for Biological and Clinical Studies
  • College Capstone for Math, Physical Science & Engineering