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2023-2024 College Catalog 
2023-2024 College Catalog

Electrical Lineworker Option, A.A.S. - Technical Studies

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The Electrical Lineworker Program prepares individuals to build, repair, and maintain electrical power and distribution systems. Student training includes electrical systems, operations, safety, electrical distribution and equipment, basic electrical theory, and underground electrical construction operations. Practice in climbing, framing, building single and three-phase overhead lines, pole top and bucket rescue techniques, operating bucket trucks, and maintaining and repairing underground systems is covered.

Program Outcomes:

  • Apply the National Safety Code.
  • Demonstrate professional safety practices including first aid and CPR.
  • Interpret trade specifications and drawings.
  • Demonstrate expert climbing abilities.
  • Demonstrate aerial rescue procedures.
  • Operate tools and equipment according to equipment manuals and/or demonstrated in class.
  • Install electrical structures such as poles and related equipment using proper specifications and accepted procedures.
  • Install single and multiphase overhead and underground distribution systems using industry-accepted methods and practices.
  • Install fusing, lightning protection devices, transformers, and related electrical equipment.
  • Recognize faulty or damaged equipment and repair or replace.
  • Keep accurate records such as work orders, equipment information, and daily timesheets.
  • Demonstrate professionalism and related soft skills.

First Year

Total Semester Hours: 15

Winter Session

Spring Semester

Total Semester Hours: 14

Summer Session

Second Year

Fall Semester

  • Credits: 3
  • GNED 000 - General Education Elective Credits: 3
  • GTEC 000 - Technology Gen Ed Requirement Credits: 3

  • ELIN 000 - Program Option Elective Credits: 1

    OR TSC 000 - Technical Studies Core Credits: 1

  • ELIN 000 - Program Option Elective Credits: 3

    OR TSC 000 - Technical Studies Core Credits: 3

  • ELIN 000 - Program Option Elective Credits: 3

    OR TSC 000 - Technical Studies Core Credits: 3

Total Semester Hours: 16

Winter Session

Spring Semester

  • ELIN 000 - Program Option Elective Credits: 3
    OR TSC 000 - Technology Studies Core Credits: 3
  • ELIN 000 -  Program Option Elective Credits: 3
     TSC 000 - Technical Studies Core Credits: 3
  • TSC 000 - Technical Studies Core Credits: 3
  • GNED 000 - General Education Requirement Credits: 3
  • GHMN 000 - Humanities Gen Ed Requirement Credits: 3

    OR GSOC 000 - Social Science Gen Ed Requirement Credits: 3

Total Semester Hours: 15

Summer Semester

Total Program Hours: 60

Technical Studies Core or Program Electives Courses (Recommended)

Technical Studies credits may be earned for corporate, industrial, or military training programs after review by a faculty assessor of related program. In addition to the recommended courses, individuals without sufficient technical training experience can select courses in one of the programs/options listed below to satisfy the Technical Studies and Program Elective credit requirements.  All courses should be selected with assistance from a faculty advisor.

Technology General Education Courses (Recommended)

Recommended courses listed below but student can also choose from the list of approved General Education  courses in the College Catalog.

Humanities & Social Science General Education Courses

Choose from the list of approved courses  in the College catalog.

Select courses from one of the following programs (P)/options (O)

(Courses must be approved by appropriate faculty advisor):

Automotive Service Technology (P)

Engineering Science (O)

Business Management (P)

Machine Tool Technology (O)

Computer Information Systems (P)

Welding Technology (O)

Developmental Courses

Sussex has embraced a practice of directed self-choice whereby students are encouraged, through guided conversations with an advisor, to best determine their readiness for this course. Students should be aware that Developmental Studies  exist and are available to help strengthen skills and encourage success. Pursuing testing and/or developmental courses is entirely up to the student. Further, testing, though providing a valuable reference point for reflection, does not create for the student an obligation to follow Accuplacer recommendations. 

The exception to this is where students seek enrollment in higher-level math courses. Students wishing to enroll in the following math courses are required to take and adhere to placement guidance from, the Advanced Algebra and Functions test, as part of Accuplacer, through the college’s testing center, for admission into any of the following courses: MATH 110, MATH 112, and MATH 113. Please note, courses in other disciplines may also require advanced mathematics placement. Students should check with their advisor. 

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